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NiC C5

NiC C5



NiC C5 不干涉CPU氣冷散熱器:

全新NiC不干涉CPU散熱器系列,顛覆傳統散熱器概念,超薄式塔型側吹式設計,外型輕巧,效能更優異。全系列產品包括: NiC C5,NiC C4,NiC F4和NiC F3,NiC系列靈巧的機身設計,讓玩家可自由選擇搭配各尺寸高階記憶體,且不需擔心干涉和空間的問題。全系列皆搭載120mm超靜音風扇,NiC兼具造型,體積,效能等優勢,讓玩家們無論是超頻或是線上對戰都絕對"不干涉"!




NiC C5使用5 支6mm U型高導熱熱管,底座鏡面處理,提供最大化的熱傳遞效果,最高可達230W解熱效能。


超薄式塔型側吹設計跟弧形鋁鰭片,全面有效減少廢熱,搭配0. 4公厘鋁鰭片以提供最佳散熱面積。


搭載轉速介於1000~2000RPM的雙VR 12公分風扇,且搭備可調風扇旋鈕讓,玩家們可隨需求輕鬆調整。無工具風扇安裝設計在使用上更為方便。



型號 CLP0608
適用規格 Intel LGA 2066/2011/1366/1200/1156/1155/1151/1150/775
材質 Aluminum Fins
cu base
Copper Heatpipes
熱導管 Φ6mm x 5 pcs
風扇尺寸 120 x 120 x 25 mm(L xW x H)
風扇數量 2 pcs
風扇轉速 1000-2000RPM
額定電壓 12V
啓動電壓 9V
額定電流 0.32A
輸入功率 3.84W
風流 99.1 CFM
風壓 2.99 MM-H2O
最大噪音值 20 ~39.9 dBA
風扇壽命 40000 hr
接頭規格 3 pin
支援瓦數 230W
重量 811 g
Tweak Town

+ Performance (incl. overclocking w/a) -   98%

+ Quality including Design and Build    - 100%

+ General Features                                   - 100%


+ Bundle and Packaging                          -  98%

+ Value for Money                                       - 99%

"The Bottom Line: Thermaltake delivers a cooler like no other. Top notch performance, attractive styling, access to everything on it and around it, and it won't drain the bank. Do not pass over the NiC C5, you will definitely missing out!"


Nikk Tech


+ Build Quality

+ Excellent Performance

+ Design

+ Dual Fan Solution

+ Size

+ CPU Compatibility

+ Price

 "So on one hand we have excellent cooling efficiency, size that does not affect the placement of memory modules, a very good design and a price tag which is not bad at all. On the other hand however we have very high noise levels when both fans are spinning at maximum speed so you need to carefully weigh what you prefer more. Personally when i play games i don't mind the extra noise coming from the tower and since the NiC C5 makes very good use of that without taking up too much space it easily gets our Golden Award."


Thermaltake have addressed a key issue which many enthusiasts are concerned with – memory clearance. The new NiC C5 does not overhang any of the memory slots on the motherboard and as a result means that a memory kit of any height can be used in conjunction with this cooler. This is great, because it removes any such limitations – low profile memory kits are mandatory for many other CPU coolers which overhang the slots.

Funky IT

"Based on everything, I feel the Untouchable is mostly-deserving of its title.  It makes good on its promises and gives you what you'd expect for the price.  That alone is deserving of a passing rating since it's often hard to come by a good cooler that doesn't make you feel like a frivolous or selfish spender for wanting a little extra strength out of your hardware."



NiC C5 functions well, clears my RAM sticks, and it’s reasonably priced. My only complaint is that the included fans do not support PWM, so you have to adjust fan speeds yourself with the included fan speed controller. All things considered, I would recommend this heatsink to others.

Thermaltake’s NiC C5 performed well in all our tests, rivalling even some of the better known CPU coolers many rely upon, furthermore key features like the variable fan controller and complete memory clearance will be certain to help Thermaltake steal the spotlight. <More>


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